BIM Services

Building Information Modeling Coordination & CAD Services

UMEC (AZ) is a leader in 3D/BIM Coordination & CAD Services Building Information Modeling (BIM) is today's fastest and most cost-effective project management strategy. It's an area in which we are a consistent leader. Over the past several years, we've completed more than 50 BIM projects valued in excess of $225 million.


To ensure smooth project delivery, we collaborate with key construction team members at our dedicated 3D/BIM coordination facility.


During these meetings, which are held before ground is broken, we build the computer aided design (CAD), integrated graphics and data system needed to assess a facility through three-dimensional visualization. This allows us to:


  • Identify & resolve constructability issues early
  • Evaluate various system & equipment options to find the best solutions
  • Develop efficient trade & purchasing schedules
  • Maximize prefabrication opportunities
  • Coordinate scheduling
  • Reduce costs by eliminating rework
  • Optimize safety


And when the building is turned over to the owner, BIM data enables more efficient facility management. The result is timely, cost-effective project completion and delivery.