EMCOR Group Safety Excellence Award

UMEC AZ_Safety Program_350x263.jpgYear over year, University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors (UMEC-AZ) has displayed an outstanding commitment to safety, reflected in their consistently low injury rates. This exceptional record, achieved thanks to an organization-wide safety culture, has earned UMEC-AZ a 2020 EMCOR Group Safety Excellence Award.

Safety practices are integrated into each level of UMEC’s organization. At UMEC, every meeting—from management and project turnover to project review and more—begins with a safety discussion.

This practice creates space for open dialogue and encourages team members to keep safety top-of-mind at all times.

Both new hires and current employees undergo extensive training and participate in “Spot the Trap” exercises that provide an opportunity to suggest improvements to safety protocol. For site inspections and observations, UMEC-AZ utilizes sophisticated Predictive Solutions software.

Leveraging the data collected by UMEC-AZ’s safety and field teams, the software provides predictive analytics based on a large, ongoing sample of accurate observations, which helps the organization prepare for and avoid potential injuries.

Combining culture, training, and the latest technology, UMEC-AZ has created one of the most successful safety programs of any EMCOR Group operating company. They set an example for the rest of the industry and are well deserving of this honor.

UMEC-AZ Injury and Incidence Frequency Data:

Average number of employees, 2020:  373
Average number of employees, 2019:  512

Percent of self-performed hours worked, 2020:  100%
Percent of self-performed hours worked, 2019:  100%

Total employee hours worked, 2020:  811,239
Total employee hours worked, 2019:  1,182,330

Recordable incidence rate, 2020:  0.00
Recordable incidence rate, 2019:  0.00

DART rate, 2020:  0.00
DART rate, 2019:  0.00